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Keith Myers

Catering Manager

I'm the Catering Manager, responsible for growing and nurturing the C&K brand and team. I also head up our Youth Catering Development Programme.

My loves in life include my family, my three pet lizards (Hank, Marvin and Dot) and the New York Giants - although the team are not quite sure on the last one! 


Fun fact: I actually got hit by a bus and walked away unscathed - true story.

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Chloe Davis

Catering Assistant

Before joining the Cabbage family I studied English at Royal Holloway University. I am a big theatre lover, in fact, when I am not at Cabbages and Kings I can be found working as a Youth Theatre Assistant, helping young people access and enjoy drama. I'm a Partnership Coordinator at The Mix too, as part of the Together Project.


I also love animals. At home we have have a house bunny called George and, a bit more bizarrely, a house hare named Billie. Otters are actually my favourite animal but sadly it is a bit more difficult to find a pet otter. When at Cabbages and Kings you can usually find me decorating the cake fridge and specials board! 

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Molly burgess

Catering Assistant

Hi, I’m Molly. I’m carrying on the Burgess sibling tradition by working at Cabbages and Kings - I'm the third one to join the team!


I only came in for a coffee and, a year later, I’m the one making the coffee whilst also studying for my MA. That’s an MA in History, not my Barista skills!'


Casper Smith

Head Chef

I am head chef at Cabbages and Kings, I have had a passion for cooking from a young age. My first memory of the kitchen was ‘baking’ scones with my nan at the age of 3. Back then it just seemed to involve sitting at home playing with some flour and they would just appear, sadly that is not the case anymore! 


Outside of my work life, I enjoy spending time with friends and family maybe even cooking the occasional cake. I also like going on holidays abroad experiencing different cultures, sunny weather, and some foodie treats! 


Maddie Jack

Catering Assistant

Maddie has just got back from her travels around Europe - writing her bio is next on the cards!


Sue Hannah

Catering Assistant

'Super Sue' is responsible for many of the sweet treats we have available at Cabbages! She's always on the hunt for the next veggie / dairy free / vegan cake that will wow the crowds.

Sue has been volunteering at The Mix for a few years now, and we love having her around. She keeps the team going with sugary treats and chocolates from her travels to Belgium.


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